List of people executed by the United States military

The Death Penalty was definitely not an issue during the Elizabethan era, the only question was what form of execution did the person in question deserve. Elizabethan England was split into two classes - the Upper Class consisting of the nobility and courtiers, and high ranking members of the Clergy - and everyone else. The Upper class were well educated, wealthy and associated with Royalty.

The nobility could therefore become involved in crime which were not shared by other people. The form of executions would vary according to class. Click here for information regarding full details of Middle Ages Torture and Executions Elizabethan Executions by Beheading - the Traditions of the Elizabethan Upper Class Executions by beheading were considered the least brutal of execution methods and were accorded to important State prisoners or people of noble birth.

Various traditions were observed at executions by beheading. A raised platform was built scaffold and covered with straw. A minister of the church would be available to offer religious comfort to the victim. The victim would be expected to pay and forgive the executioner. It would be hoped that the headsman completed his job swiftly and with care.

Death by beheading with the use of the axe could be a terrifying prospect. The executioners often took several blows before the head was finally severed. If the executioner' axe was sharp and his aim was true, beheading was quick and relatively painless. If the instrument was blunt, the axeman inexperienced or careless, then the execution might take several strokes to sever the head. This was certainly the case in the execution by beheading of the brave Countess of Salisbury who died on 27th May Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury was dragged to the block, but refused to lay her head on the block.

She was forced down and struggled. The inexperienced executioner made a gash in her shoulder rather than her neck. She leapt from the block and was chased by the executioner, with his axe. She was struck eleven times before she died. There were witnesses to her execution.


She was 68 years of age. The condemned prisoners was usually given the opportunity to address the spectators - with the sovereign's permission. The speeches given at this terrible time were made with the knowledge that the victim's family would suffer should the victim anger the King or Queen any further.Dates are subject to change as a result of stays and appeals.

Preliminary injunction granted on November 21, by the U. District Court for the District of Columbia based on a determination that the federal execution protocol announced in July violates the federal death penalty statute. Motion to vacate injunction denied on December 2 by the U.

Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Application to vacate injunction denied on December 6 by the U.

Supreme Court. Legally premature warrant. Stay granted by the U. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania on February 11, to permit Clemons to pursue habeas corpus review of his conviction and death sentence that is guaranteed as a matter of federal law. Reprieve granted by Gov. Mike DeWine on January 31, and execution rescheduled for January 12, Mike DeWine on April 14, and execution rescheduled for March 16, Mike DeWine on April 14, and execution rescheduled for July 20, Kasich issued a statement revising the schedule for eight upcoming executions.

This revised schedule is in response to the U. This revised schedule was in response to the U. The execution schedule for these 26 prisoners now extends through April Ohio has been unable to obtain the execution drugs required to conduct executions under state law. All execution dates have been rescheduled by the state. John Kitzhaber imposed a moratorium on all executions in Oregon.

Current Governor Kate Brown has requested a report on the status of the death penalty and indicated the report will inform future policy decisions. For the Media. For Educators. Fact Sheet. Stay granted by the Ohio Supreme Court on October 9, to permit Brinkman to pursue appellate review of his conviction and death sentence that is guaranteed as a matter of Ohio law. Mike DeWine on October 30, and execution rescheduled for September 16, John Kasich on September 1, and execution rescheduled for December 9, Mike DeWine on December 20, and execution rescheduled for March 18, Mike DeWine on January 31, and execution rescheduled for May 27, John Kasich on September 1, and execution rescheduled for February 16, Mike DeWine on January 31, and execution rescheduled for September 15, Mike DeWine on April 14, and execution rescheduled for May 18, John Kasich on September 1, and execution rescheduled for April 21, Stanley T.

Byron Black. Pervis Payne. Dawud E.If you have a sensitive stomach look away now. This video uploaded to Chinese website Sina shows a macabre scene of a public execution in what is believed to be the Guizhou province. The uploader says it was Trump says governors 'have gotten carried away' with lockdown orders.

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The Executions at Nuremburg

Michael Ball on how charity single with Tom Moore came about. Moment mother goes on rampage at Woolworths in front of children. Police launch investigation over threat to fabricate offence. Amanda Kloots says husband Nick Cordero will have leg amputated. Argos AO. Mail Online Videos. Video: Horrific video shows the moment a man is killed during brutal Chinese public execution. News videos Sport videos Femail videos Science videos Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

Feedly More RSS feeds Trending videos Back to top Home News U.The United States Army carried out [1] executions over a three-year period from to and a further six executions were conducted during the postwar period, for a known total of Of these wartime executions, 70 were carried out in the European Theatre27 in the Mediterranean Theatre21 in the Southwest Pacific Area19 in the continental United Statestwo in Hawaiione in Guadalcanal and one in India ; of the six postwar executions, one took place in Hawaii, one in Japantwo in France and two in the Philippines.

All executions carried out by the Army from to were performed under the authority of the Articles of War of June 4,an Act of Congress which governed military justice between and This list includes members of the United States Army Air Forceswhich was a part of the Army until September 18, when it became independent. Executions by the United States Air Force after are listed separately. The remains of these servicemen were originally buried near the site of their executions, which took place in countries as far apart as England, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Algeria.

In the remains of these men and a few others were re-interred in Plot E, a private section specifically built to hold what the Graves Registration referred to as "the dishonorable dead", since per standard practice all had been dishonorably discharged from the US Army just prior to their executions.

The plot is accessible only through the back door of the superintendent's office. One cemetery employee described Plot E as "a house of shame" and "a perfect anti-memorial".

The white grave markers are the size of index cards and have nothing on them except sequential grave numbers engraved in black. Two bodies were later disinterred and allowed to be returned to United States for reburial. No US flag is permitted to fly over the section, and the numbered graves lie with their backs turned to the main cemetery on the other side of the road. Mahoney and William N.

Lucas, who all died while in military custody. InPresident Ronald Reagan gave permission for Slovik's remains to be exhumed and returned to the United States for reburial. Miranda were exhumed and returned to the United States in These POWs, members of the German Armed services, had been convicted by general court-martial for the murders of fellow Germans believed by their fellow inmates to be collaborating as confidential informants with the United States military authorities.

While the murders had been committed in andthe executions were delayed until after the end of hostilities in Europe due to fears of German retaliation against Allied POWs.

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The hangings were carried out in a warehouse elevator shaft which had been converted into a temporary gallows, and the fourteen Germans were subsequently buried in the Fort Leavenworth Military Prison Cemetery. The United States Air Force executed three airmen by hanging between and Rulers have always devised gruesome ways to do away with prisoners: boiling them in oil, throwing them in snake pits, dragging them under boats, flaying them, poisoning them, burying them alive, drawing and quartering them, and on and on.

Today, governments tend to be more civilized -- or at least less creative -- in the way they kill their citizens. The eight execution methods discussed here are those most widely practiced in an official capacity in the modern world.


But it's worth mentioning that governments including, at times, the U. Government have been known to kill prisoners through other, less "official" means--ranging from gunshots no questions asked to chemical weapons as Saddam Hussein authorized against thousands of Iraqi Kurds during the Anfal Campaign of to starvation the primary means by which the North Korean government manages to kill so many prisoners without handing out formal death sentences.

Lethal injection is the most prevalent form of capital punishment in the United States today, but this does not necessarily mean that it's the most civilized.

China became the second inand several other countries have since followed. Lethal injection has been by far the most common type of execution in the United States. All executions in and all but one execution each in and were by lethal injection. Further, corporations have become reluctant to provide the chemicals needed. Nazi Germany used lethal injection as part of its T-4 Euthanasia Program as early asthough it was later replaced by poison gas.

The executioner, usually a person injecting the drugs manually lethal injection machines are no longer in widespread use due to the possibility of mechanical failureinjects three drugs in sequence:. Pentothal does not always induce a coma, leaving the disturbing possibility that at least some prisoners killed by lethal injection may experience extreme pain due to the administration of potassium chloride--without any means of expressing that pain, thanks to the paralysis brought about by the Pavulon.

For this reason, the U. Supreme Court ruled in Hill v. Crosby that death row prisoners may challenge lethal injection procedures under the Eighth Amendment. Despite its history, the gas chamber was advertised as an efficient and humane form of execution. At least it seemed that way to the observers Inlawmakers in the State of Nevada, horrified by the gruesome electric chair, sought a less violent form of execution.

They decided to construct sealed chambers into which prisoners could be locked, chambers that would then be flooded with lethal cyanide gas. Nevada first used the procedure inand it remained popular for over 50 years, though it has since fallen out of favor due to some unexpected complications see below.

The last gas chamber execution took place inand only four states still allow it as an option. Cyanide gas Zyklon B was Nazi Germany's primary means of mass murder during the Holocaustas it could be used to kill as many as 2, people at once.

The prisoner is strapped to a chair inside a sealed gas chamber. The executioner standing outside the chamber, of course pulls a lever dropping potassium cyanide pellets into a vat of sulfuric acid, flooding the chamber with lethal hydrogen cyanide gas.

Death can be extremely slow and painful, as demonstrated in several high-profile executions from the s and s. One of the more infamous was that of Jimmy Lee Gray inwho frantically gasped, moaned, and slammed his head into a steel pipe for ten minutes as the cyanide slowly took effect. Inthe 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that execution by poison gas constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

No form of execution has captured the American popular imagination like the electric chair.

Chinese executions exposed by rare photos

The electric chair is a quintessentially American invention. No less a figure than Thomas Edison petitioned for its first use, though his motives for doing so were less than pure. The world's first execution by electrocution took place inand it remained the most common form of execution until the s.

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Death row inmates in ten states may still choose the electric chair and in recent years, two prisoners have--in andrespectively. The prisoner is shaved, strapped to a chair, and fitted with electrodes attached to conductive sponges--one on the head, one on the leg--creating a direct current.

The prisoner is then hooded.By Tom Wyke for MailOnline. Two men were hurled from the top of a tower block, two more were crucified in front of a baying crowd and a woman was stoned to death in the latest series of horrific executions by ISIS. The men were thrown from the roof down to the crowd below in the brutal punishment for being gay. Charges found against the accused were announced by a masked Islamic State fighter, using a small handheld radio.

Scroll down for video. Images from ISIS purport to show two men being thrown from a tall building in Nineveh, Syria- their crime was being gay. Pictures show the large crowd gathered at the bottom of the tower to watch the brutal killing. Down on the ground, two men accused of banditry have been tied to makeshift metal crosses. They had been tied up and transported in the back of a white pickup truck to the public execution sight in the Iraqi city of Mosul.


Both prisoners are shown wearing casual clothing rather than the standard orange jumpsuit, commonly worn by many Islamic State prisoners in recent many high profile execution videos. The image released by ISIS shows a woman accused of adultery being brutally stoned to death.

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Their blindfolds appear to have partially slipped from their eyes, allowing them to possibly see the surrounding hostile crowd. Two masked IS fighters, dressed in khaki military fatigues are photographed standing behind the two crucified men.

Upon drawing their pistols, the fighters shoot the two alleged bandits in cold blood. Their motionless bodies remain tied to the metal crosses to the delight of the all male crowd. It is not the first time Islamic State have released photographic evidence of the horrific execution of homosexuals in Iraq. In Decemberphotos emerged on social media showing a man, accused of being homosexual, being thrown to his death from a rooftop by eight IS fighters.

The men had their charges announced by a masked Islamic State fighter, using a small handheld radio, before they were thrown from the roof.

A baying crowd had gathered below to witness the shocking execution of the two men.

Video Footage Of A Public Execution In Surak City In Northern Iran

The horrific punishment was reportedly carried out in the Iraqi province of al-Furat. Two other men were also crucified for alleged rape crimes.

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Their bodies are shown lying tied up to the railings of a nearby fence. Standing nearby is Abu Omar al-Ansari, an elderly Islamic State fighter, with a thick beard of white facial hair. Al-Ansari, who appears shabbily dressed in a black robe and a pair of combat boots, is shown shown reading out the crimes against a woman, accused of adultery. The woman is dressed in a full black burqa.Sign Up Here Login.

Disgusting Death Faces. Part III. Suspected South Korean traitors are herded into lorries on their way to execution — an incident that was later investigated by a United Nations observer. Indian Mukti Bahini guerilla troops preparing to bayonet men who collaborated with the Pakistani Army during East Pakistan's fight to become the independent state of Bangladesh.


The round of executions are taking place at the racetrack in Dacca Dhaka. General Idi Amin Dada seized power after a coup in January The cruelty of his repressive regime became legendary. He was tried by an American military tribunal for the summary shooting of 15 prisoners while serving as the General Commanding the 75th German Army Corps. The body of the fascist leader Nickhazi Janos being cut down after he was hanged. A man convicted of murder is imprisoned in a wooden cage on a street in China.

He will be left to die of thirst,starvation and exposure. Circa Sergeant Wood is the official hangman at the war trials. The execution of a German spy by French troops during World War one. Russian womenfolk identify their loved ones, executed in numbers by the Nazis, as lines of people wait to conduct the sad search. September An executed spy, lies dead and blind-folded under a cross. Benito Mussolini — and Clara Petacci's body hung up and exposed for insult in Milan, with those of other fascists, Favolini and Teruzzi.

They were caught by Italians at Donga, on Lake Como, and were tried and shot. A revolutionist kneeling at the side of a grave, his arms tied, awaiting the death blow which will send him to his grave, in the Chinese Revolution The crowd gathers to watch as people hold down a victim who is tortured and executed during the Revolution in China Chinese soldiers stand round as a prisoner is made ready for execution during the Revolution in China.

Jarczyk had confessed to operating behind the lines of the US 7th Army where he sabotaged equipment and killed American soldiers. Manchurian henchmen working for the Japanese put a noose around the neck of a Chinese patriot during the Sino-Japanese War. Two guards perform an execution in China, one holding the gun, the other holding a mask over the victim's face. A Chinese prisoner tied to a post before being executed in a campaign of mass execution in Shanghai.

A firing squad aim and prepare to fire at a man whose comrade already lies dead on the ground beside him.